Eaglecom Foundation


Generous Donors of Eaglecom Foundation

To our Eaglecom Foundation friends and staff who have given generously over the past three years, thank you. Your cumulative contributions are listed below. Please know your donations are changing lives forever.


Eaglecom Inc.
Graham Knope & Carol Miller


ACCOUNTabill Corporation


Brian Ellis
Preet Kaur
Carolyn King & Adrian Kacidhja
Mark Miller
Maryann Thompson


Michelle Carter
Rachel Knope
Lindsay Lawrie
Larry & Nadine Marks
Bruce & Joanne Miller
Sherry Miller
Tony & Vina Moraes
Julie Nurse
Zachary Ortmann
Geoffrey Pennal
Catherine & Doug Robertson
Nunzio Rucchetta
Michael & Susan Sanders
Ravita Seetahal
Annie Wong


Fiona Chan
Irene Craig
Todd Hendricks

Ted Husband

Up To $500

Amanda Adams
Suzanne Cheslo
Emily Knope
Gordon & Flo Miller
Amandeep Singh
Jennifer Sharpe
Patricia Sullivan
Lilian Szeto
Barbara & Don Watson